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Powerful New Online Success Tool for Students

Written by David Bolick –Communication Specialist

   Online education is exploding in popularity these days, and it’s easy to see why—students can choose from thousands of available subjects, and they can study whenever and wherever they want. Along with online education resources, academic online “communities” are also beginning to appear. These communities are designed to enhance the learning process for traditional schooling as well as online learning, by encouraging open communication among students and instructors, and by providing easy-to-use virtual learning tools.

   One such online community is GcircleEDU.com, a free website launched in 2010 by Philip Perez and Hossien Javid. The site is designed to enhance classroom communication and improve the overall learning experience for students in grades K-12, as well as college students, in a safe, user-friendly, real-time online environment.

   One of the major challenges students face is limited time. Budgets are tight for both schools and students, and of course, access to instructors is also a significant factor. That’s where the virtual educational tools at GcircleEDU.com can help. The goal of GcircleEDU.com is to strengthen classroom communications between students and instructors and providing students with access to online tools that enhance their use of available learning time.

   Using innovative online tools such as board forums, inboxes, instant messenger features, and more, GcircleEDU.com creates an environment that’s more conducive to effective learning. These features allow schools to provide online instruction and a convenient communication link between students and instructors. Students can access the resources they need when they need them.

GcircleEDU.com also helps parents become more involved in their children’s studies, allowing them to monitor class and homework assignments, receive grade-posting alerts via email, and interact with instructors.

   With educational costs constantly rising, parents and students will also appreciate the savings they can achieve through GcircleEDU.com. The website helps reduce the costs of printing, computer lab operation, general study programs, administrative overhead, and more. By acting as an extension of the classroom—without the major expense of new buildings, additional personnel, and other costs—the GcircleEDU.com system can lower costs significantly, which would ultimately be passed down to students and their families.

   Other benefits include personalized attention for students with disabilities and students who are having trouble understanding difficult concepts in specific subjects. The site provides summer-school options, as well as credit-recovery classes, allowing students with special needs to get the extra help they need to complete their academic work successfully.

   Research shows that virtual education has become a powerful aid in helping students achieve a quality education. Online educational tools will never completely replace traditional classroom learning. However, they can enhance traditional learning methods by encouraging open communication between students and instructors, providing access to specialized learning tools, and helping students with special needs. Indeed, schools that do not utilize the Internet could actually be limiting learning opportunities.

   GcircleEDU.com was founded by Phillip H. Perez and Hossien Javid, who saw the need for a comprehensive online learning community that would enhance learning and be appealing and easy-to-use for students. Perez, an Alumnus of California State University, developed the idea for GcircleEDU.com with the ultimate goal of leveraging the power of the Internet to encourage communication and knowledge sharing. Javid, an alumnus of the University of Southern California, applies his broad knowledge of business and entrepreneurship to focus on GcircleEDU.com’s investment strategies, and seeks innovative technologies that strengthen classroom communications and facilitate group learning. The partners are passionate about their brainchild’s potential to help students, and they plan to add new functionality and features to their website as new technologies become available.


Written by Paul Gregory – Researcher

   Both educators and students should be aware of GcircleEDU.com, an online community offering free academic services. Specifically, its mission is to enhance communication between educators and K12 and college level students in a safe, user-friendly, real-time online environment, extend the amount of time devoted to learning and reduce educational expenditures.

   GcircleEDU.com is the brainchild of Hossien Javid and Phillip Perez. Javid, the company CEO, a graduate of the University of Southern California with a background as a successful entrepreneur, investment strategies and new technologies aimed at improving the quality of classroom communication and group learning. Co-founder and COO Perez, a California State University alumni with a daughter about to enter high school, has devoted much of his time to creating innovative virtual educational tools designed to improve classroom education, especially ways to extend learning time.

    GcircleEDU.com offers a wide array of cutting-edge tools intended to enhance teacher-student communication. These include board forums, which allow for real-time collective class interaction with notifications and alerts, and inbox and instant messenger features enabling educator-to-student real-time interactions.

    Moreover, in the course of their research during the last few years, Javid and Perez came across studies showing that the amount of time spent learning can have a decisive effect on academic performance. GcircleEDU.com is designed to provide online instruction before, during and after school.

    In addition, GcircleEDU.com’s virtual educational system can help reduce the cost of printing, computer lab operations, general study programs and administrative overhead. Ultimately, the system acts as a less costly hybrid classroom extension, eliminating the necessity for pumping millions of dollars into new buildings, additional personnel, professional development and other operating costs, while helping to preserve needed programs threatened by budget constraints. Finally, GcircleEDU.com offers features that can enable educators to provide a more personalized approach to students with special needs.

    Virtual education has been around for a number of years now and has demonstrated its capacity to provide students with quality learning experiences. Hossien Javid and Phillip Perez maintain that schools that do not embrace online learning systems are seriously limiting the learning opportunities available to students.

    If you wish to learn more, please go to www.GcircleEDU.com

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