1. What is the cost to utilize GcircleEDU.com? Is there a registration fee?

Absolutely no cost! Our online educational tools are absolutely FREE for educators, students and parents. Registration and participation are FREE, so join today.

2. What’s the catch? Will there be future costs?

There is absolutely no catch. Our goal is to prioritize on academic excellence by providing tools that will enhance student and educator communications.  If in the future we decide to implement subscription fees, all current active registered users will be grandfathered-in for usage of basic educational tools at no cost.

3. As an Educator, can I create multiple class profiles for various schools or universities?

Yes, educators can create unlimited multiple class profiles. For example, if you are an educator that instructs at a Middle School and instructs part-time at a University, you may create a class profile for each school and/or university. However, for security purposes, we do require all educators to list a primary university or a primary school when registering.

4. Is GcircleEDU.com a social networking website?

No. GcircleEDU.com it is NOT a social networking website in the traditional sense of functionality, i.e., of a personal open-based public profile.  GCircleEDU.com is strictly designed to provide effective online classroom communication between students and educators within an exclusive class profile-based community created and monitored by the responsible educator.  Please note; only students accepted by the educator can participate in a class, making each class profile unique and exclusive.

5. What measures has GcircleEDU.com taken to prevent possible improper communications between educators and students (including minors)?

We have taken various measures to ensure a safe and secure online educational environment for all registered users. For students who register as minors, all private communications between students and educators have been disabled (Instant Message and Inbox features). IF students or educators have questions or concerns, they can share or ask questions and concerns via the open EDU Board or during regular campus education hours. The EDU Board forum alone provides adequate means for collective communications. For general safety purposes, this disabled feature only applies to students who register as minors.

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