Featured Educational Tools:

  • Real-Time Board Messaging and Commenting
  • Student-to-Student Note Sharing
  • Parent Alerts and Notifications (if applicable)
  • Instant Messaging / Inboxes
  • Syllabus Listings / Book Listings
  • Personal File Space
  • Assignment Listings / Progress Reports
  • Calendar and Scheduling Tools
  • Board -Video/ Picture/ Link Sharing
  • Electronic Homework Hand-ins
  • Important Related Links
  • Create Unlimited Exclusive Class-Profiles

Three Major GcircleEDU.com Benefits:

1. Strengthen Communications
Our ultimate goal is to strengthen communications and connectivity between educators and students in a safe, user-friendly, real-time online environment by providing innovative tools such as Board Forums, Inboxes, Instant Messenger features and more, within an exclusive class-profile base community created and monitored by the responsible educator.

2. Expands Learning Time
GcircleEDU.com acknowledges that within the educational system, TIME is one of the most valuable resources for learning. Studies have suggested, that even a few days difference in learning or lack of learning, TIME greatly impacts and determines whether a school makes adequate yearly progress. By investing in our virtual education tools allows schools to provide online instructions and general communications BEFORE, DURING and AFTER SCHOOL HOURS, essentially lengthening the school days and school year while improving the overall learning process.

3. General Financial School Savings
Utilizing our virtual educational system will help reduce printing, computer lab operation, general study program, administrative overhead costs and other technical expenses that are required for a proper quality education. Ultimately our system acts as a hybrid classroom extension, less expensively, without placing millions of dollars into professional developments, new buildings, additional personnel and other required operating costs.

Additional Benefits:

  • Expands Learning Time and pushes forward dialogue where it is otherwise absent.
  • Personalizes attention to students who are challenged with understanding difficult concepts.
  • Alternative to Expulsion Suspension and students with Disability issues.
  • Acts as a Drop-Out Prevention
  • Provides Summer School Options / Great for credit-recovery classes and online classes.
  • Allows for self-pace, which is an advantage for special students with needs.
  • Preserves programs threaten by budget constraints.
  • Ensures students do not fall through the cracks amongst a crowd of students.
  • Provides opportunity for students who may have fallen behind.
  • Integrated tools provide increased learning opportunities, build learning skills, and enhance student’s ability to think critically.
  • Online bookmarks (links), allows students to learn from the best libraries, museums and various information archives in the world.

Research has revealed that Virtual Schooling is on the rise.  Over the years it has become an effective option that allows every learner to achieve a quality education. To increase learning opportunities of students, we encourage all schools and universities to utilize our FREE online learning system!