Our Team
Collectively Prioritizing on
Academic Excellence!

Phillip H. Perez (Founder & COO)

Phillip H. Perez is a California State University Alumni with a degree in Political Science and Psychology. Dedicated to academic excellence, Phillip founded GcircleEDU.com to address various challenges faced in classrooms. With assertiveness and tenacity to succeed, Phillip contributes profound leadership skills, professionalism and positive reinforcement guidance to all within the field of education. His ultimate goal is to create and bring to students and teachers, effective virtual educational tools that will "Enhance Communications" -to push forward dialogue where it is otherwise absent, and to "Extend Learning Time" -for schools and universities worldwide.

Ramona Lopez

Ramona Lopez is our Communications Specialist. As a proud member of our team, she enjoys interacting directly with educators, students and parents. With her uplifting personality she motivates individuals to pursue their dreams through effective education, outstanding communication, and self-discipline. She truly is an asset to GcircleEDU.com generally and in carrying out GcircleEDU's educational purposes.

Elizabeth Jeffrey

Elizabeth Jeffrey is our Senior Marketing Analyst. With her solid perseverance and years of experience, she takes marketing to the next level. Elizabeth is eager to make a positive difference in the field of education. Her objective is to effectively inform educators, students, and parents about alternative virtual learning methods which result in greater involvement and overall learning improvement.

About Us

GcircleEDU.com is a FREE professional online academic community that prioritizes on academic excellence. Our ultimate goal is to enhance communications and connectivity between educators and students in a safe, user-friendly, real-time online environment.

Core Objective Principles

Strengthen Communications
Our ultimate goal is to strengthen communications and connectivity between educators and students in a safe, user-friendly, real-time online environment by providing innovative tools such as Board Forums, Inboxes, Instant Messenger features and more, within an exclusive class-profile base community created and monitored by the responsible educator.

Expands Learning Time
GcircleEDU.com acknowledges that within the educational system, TIME is one of the most valuable resources for learning. Studies have suggested, that even a few days difference in learning or lack of learning, TIME greatly impacts and determines whether a school makes adequate yearly progress. By investing in our virtual education tools allows schools to provide online instructions and general communications BEFORE, DURING and AFTER SCHOOL HOURS, essentially lengthening the school days and school year while improving the overall learning process.

General Financial School Savings
Utilizing our virtual educational system will help reduce printing, computer lab operation, general study program, administrative overhead costs and other technical expenses that are required for a proper quality education. Ultimately our system acts as a hybrid classroom extension, less expensively, without placing millions of dollars into professional developments, new buildings, additional personnel and other required operating costs.

Share Lessons, Classroom Materials and Instructional Resources with other Educators
One of our featured tools allows educators to upload and share lesson plans, instructional resources, classroom materials and other general curriculum content.